About the Pretty Globe Team

Pretty Globe is run by George Alexopolous and Tomi Cook. We are a middle-school social studies teacher and a sixth-grade teacher, respectively. Both of us share a passion for teaching children about geography and all of the many cultures and places there are to explore in this beautiful world of ours.

Pretty Globe aspires to be a fun source of information that can help children learn more about geography and the world around us. Many Americans have a difficult time recognizing or filling out locations on a world map: We hope we can help turn this around! Personally, we think maps are pretty cool. We also want to encourage diversity and an appreciation for the many rich cultures throughout the world.

We’d like to actively encourage contributions from our visitors. Let’s celebrate global connectivity by engaging others from who knows where. We’d love to hear from you!

What countries do you want to learn about? What can we do to make our site stronger? We want to hear it all.

P.S. We love to find out fun facts about geography, and we love to see homemade maps. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at We welcome all feedback or even just messages saying hi!