´╗┐Welcome to Pretty Globe!

Pretty Globe is a super-fun geography website for kids. So many people struggle to identify places on a map, and many others have difficulty reading one. We totally get it. In this modern age, we can rely on directions spoken by our phones and may never have to take a look at a map. However, we at Pretty Globe believe that this is an important skill that should not become a lost art! What if you’re lost with no cell service? What if there’s an amazing country in Eastern Europe that turns out to be the trip of a lifetime, but you never knew it existed, much less where to find it on a map?

We’re here to spread our love of geography in a fun and interesting way. At Pretty Globe, we believe that maps are cool and geography is fun! Don’t believe us? Have some mind-blowing facts about planet Earth:

  1. The ground you’re standing on is moving all the time! The continents are shifting at the same speed your fingernails grow.
  2. There are more people in California than there are in all of Canada!
  3. Did you know that 90% of Earth’s population lives in the Northern Hemisphere? Not sure what that covers? Check out a map!
  4. Australia is huge: In fact, it’s wider than the moon!
  5. At their closest point, Russia and the United States are only 2.4 miles apart.
  6. The deepest part of the ocean is the Mariana Trench. It’s so deep that you could fit Mount Everest, one of the tallest mountains in the world, inside of it!
  7. There’s only one continent that spreads over all four of Earth’s hemispheres: northern, southern, western, and eastern. It’s Africa!
  8. Russia is so gigantic that it has 11 time zones.
  9. The ice sheet in Antarctica contains 90% of all of Earth’s freshwater.
  10. China and Russia share borders with 14 countries.

There’s so much to be excited about on this planet! Studying geography can help you realize just how big and small the world can be. Take a journey through Pretty Globe with us and learn more about all of the exciting places in the world.